Mini White Dexter Cattle

purebred miniature White Dexter Cattle available for reservation now!

The best things come in small packages

White dexter cattle are the result of ten years of selective breeding that began with a white park bull bred to registered dexter cows. White dexters have their own separate registry, the White Dexter Cattle Registry, and is not affiliated with the ADCA. Dexter cattle are among the smallest of cattle breeds in the world, standing 40" tall and weighing 700–900 pounds. Once very rare in both the UK and the US, Dexters have been enjoying a resurgence in both countries, with over 4,100 Dexter cows registered in 2007 by the Dexter Cattle Society in the UK – double the figure for 2000. We take very special care of all our animals and take great pride in our herd. Our fainting goats and cattle are very friendly, happy and healthy. They are raised in a stress-free environment with lots of love and attention. Our cattle are fully vaccinated, healthy and genetically diverse.

Dexter Cattle Status

Recovering: Breeds that were once listed in another category and have exceeded Watch category numbers but are still in need of monitoring.