Barnyard Buddies Fainting Goats
Yes! they faint!

Yes, they faint!

Myotonic 'fainting' goats have a harmless condition called myotonia congenital that causes their muscles to freeze when they're startled or excited. Fainting goats are smaller than most breeds and much easier to care for because of their condition. They are very friendly, intelligent and a lot of fun to raise. They can live 10 to 12 years and can weigh anywhere from 50 to 175 pounds. Our miniature line of fainting goats are IFGA certified miniature, under 19″ tall at withers and on average weigh about 55 to 60 pounds! We take very special care of all our animals and take great pride in our herd. Our fainting goats are very friendly, happy and healthy. We specialize in the miniature line, tri-color and blue eyes. All of our goats are registered with the IFGA and MGR. They are raised in a stress-free environment with lots of love and attention. Our goats are fully vaccinated, healthy and genetically diverse.

Fainting Goat Status

Recovering: Breeds that were once listed in another category and have exceeded Watch category numbers but are still in need of monitoring.