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Fainting Goats For Sale

We take very special care of all our animals and take great pride in our herd! Our fainting goats are very friendly, happy and healthy! We specialize in the miniature line, tri-color and blue eyes.

We have been breeding purebred miniature myotonic goats at the GJF Ranch in Loveland, Colorado for over ten years. Our main kidding season begins in early spring followed by a smaller kidding in summer.

All our fainting goats are...

  • Registered with the IFGA or MGR.
  • Raised in a healthy, stress free environment.
  • Very socialized and friendly.
  • Fully vaccinated and healthy.
  • Genetically diverse.

 Contact us for current prices!
 (970) 690-5234

To purchase goats we require a reservation with $100 deposit per head. Deposits can be paid by credit card online or in cash, check or money order. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.

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  1. Fainting goats are herd animals and require companionship. If you do not own compatible livestock, please consider keeping a minimum of two fainting goats.

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  9. Reservations require a $100 deposit per head. We accept credit card, check, money order and cash payments.
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