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greys4me - Sat 28 Mar - 18:16

Thanks for the update. I only get the info posted here. I don't have a Facebook account. Sorry to seek information here that you posted on Facebook.

lovesanimals - Sat 28 Mar - 17:15

Kidding season 2015 has been completed at Barnyard Buddies Fainting Goats! We have finished with 34 GIRLS and 23 BOYS! TOTAL 57 NEW BABIES! all the info and even more pictures are on facebook ;)

bonnie - Sat 28 Mar - 17:05

Does anyone know the final count on the kids?

Kimmy - Sat 28 Mar - 15:59

all done :D

greys4me - Sat 28 Mar - 15:54

Are there any pregnant Dams left to give birth? This website is great to watch just for the sheer joy of it.Thank you.

Sadieks - Sat 28 Mar - 10:10

It would be nice to see the horizon again like it was. beautiful place!

Sadieks - Sat 28 Mar - 09:59

I know I miss the sound of chickens

sandya2 - Sat 28 Mar - 09:44

Love this site miss the sound, it must be awesome with this crowd lol

bonnie - Sat 28 Mar - 09:37

LOL the calm is over ... here comes Mom with the food! Time for the goat mommas to eat and the kids to romp! :)

bonnie - Sat 28 Mar - 09:32

all is rather calm at the goat farm this morning... woohoo it's the weekend... time to rest b4 the visitors arrive! :P

poohtwo - Sat 28 Mar - 08:54

Seems the grown up goat's keep knocking over the slide. Can it be attached someway so it can't be knocked over when Momma wants to go sliding. Ha Ha. Hugs :@

greys4me - Fri 27 Mar - 18:52

Need to chainsaw some grooves into the slippery log. It looks so slick when the babies jump on it and brace themselves as they go into a slide. Lol.

bonnie - Fri 27 Mar - 17:51

Just watching and chuckling again with the soooooo active babies. Is the kidding season over for now? I'm looking forward to the #2 cams new location. :P

abcayemich - Fri 27 Mar - 09:37

I agree Bonnie. So grateful they allow us to share in it.

bonnie - Thu 26 Mar - 19:12

Just think folks... all this entertainment is for free. xD I love watching the antics of the adorable wild babies! LOL

nate2 - Thu 26 Mar - 13:17

We have disabled the barn cam for the time being. Unless there is bad weather the babies will remain outdoors. We do plan on finding a new permanent place for the second webcam in the next few days!

buffalobill - Wed 25 Mar - 20:57

I think you need to seperate the two mamas in the left pen, the Black nana keeps butting the new baby and bit it on the ear

greys4me - Wed 25 Mar - 16:43

Is that thing some sort of mineral block, they seem to be feeding on it.

bonnie - Wed 25 Mar - 16:40

ooh looks like the little one got run out of the feeder lol

bonnie - Wed 25 Mar - 16:39

LOL there is a baby resting in the feeder over near the back pen... xD

greys4me - Wed 25 Mar - 16:14

What is that in the pen that is over by the opening area to the back pen? Looks like a big stone or something. It has the adult goats curious...and me to! ;)

abcayemich - Wed 25 Mar - 12:42

The tan mama with the white belly. Babies are blk and white

abcayemich - Wed 25 Mar - 12:41

That little baby just got stepped on. Her/his right front leg is hurt. Keeps holding it up. :(

abcayemich - Wed 25 Mar - 12:31

I hope Grammy Joyce continues to improve. Miss seeing her.

abcayemich - Wed 25 Mar - 12:22

I wish I had 1/3 of the spring in my step that they all do!! Soooooooo cute. :P

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About this webcam...

Our webcam streams live video of the Barnyard Buddies Fainting Goat Herd 24/7 and has infrared night vision for fun-filled goat watching any time of day! The camera is mounted above the dam's goat pen, overlooking the eastern pasture at our hobby farm, located in Loveland, Colorado - The GJF Ranch.

Babies can be seen running, jumping and playing in spring during our main kidding season and again in summer. You will also see our horses out to pasture, our chickens scratching through the pen, a bit of wildlife and us, the caretakers!

We hope you enjoy watching! If you experience any problems please let us know

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