BYBFG Fainting Goats Live Webcams!

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Kimmy - Thu 27 Aug - 06:22

Cant wait for Breeding season..

Miss Patty - Wed 26 Aug - 18:18

I can tell you take such good care if them and they eat well. I was just curious :P

Miss Patty - Wed 26 Aug - 18:14

Thank you for sharing your drone videos. :D I have to ask, I do not know anything about raising goats, are any of them pregnant? Boy some of them really look like they are carrying babies.

lovesanimals - Tue 25 Aug - 12:19

love the new view..thanks bunches xD

poohtwo - Mon 24 Aug - 18:00

How exciting. Two views now. Thanks so much Janet and Gary for your wonderful web site. Plus the great drone shots. Hugs

Billy G. - Mon 24 Aug - 17:51

Nice having two camera views now.

sandya2 - Sat 22 Aug - 09:27

will you have a camera on the new area that has been added for the goats?

nate2 - Thu 20 Aug - 19:36

Hi! :D Here's another drone video! Don't forget to switch to HD!

Miss Patty - Wed 19 Aug - 16:28

That was a great birds eye view! Thank you for sharing that! :D

Kimmy - Wed 19 Aug - 15:22

That video is awesome..

poohtwo - Wed 19 Aug - 08:55

I sure hope everyone saw your Drone Video. WOW that was amazing. How nice to see the goat's and land from Above. And really see the layout of your place. Loved it. Thanks. Hugs xD

ohiocc - Mon 17 Aug - 16:01

Did you all see that boy in the red shirt hit that goat a couple minutes ago??!! The goat was looking at the baby stroller. Then he was chasing goats all over. Boy, if it was my kid....

lovesanimals - Sat 15 Aug - 16:28

sent janet a message buffalobill, :D hope they see it soon

buffalobill - Sat 15 Aug - 13:45

One of the goats are outside of the fence by the calves watering unit

Billy G. - Mon 10 Aug - 17:27

Horse is chasing escaped goats out in the pasture.

Kimmy - Fri 7 Aug - 15:41

I had to watch it twice... He is a cutie

poohtwo - Fri 7 Aug - 15:33

The new video u put on Facebook with "Cowboy" showing u he didn't want his picture taken was just the cutest thing ever. He's just too adorable . Sure miss the sounds around the farm now. Hugs :D

poohtwo - Mon 3 Aug - 10:51

Love watching how excited the goat's get when they see treats delivered. Like the Mineral blocks. But they are all out of camera view so can't watch them enjoy eating. Hugs

greys4me - Sun 2 Aug - 20:09

hi haven't been on in a long while, does anyone know what ever happened to "Stitch?"

poohtwo - Sun 2 Aug - 08:53

So nice to have the video back and seeing all the goat's,cows,and horse's doing well. Miss them when it's down. Thanks Janet for making sure it's fixed and back up for all of us. xD . Hugs

nate2 - Fri 31 Jul - 11:58

OK we're back! :D

nate2 - Fri 31 Jul - 11:33

Hi! We had an electrician working and had to cut the power. We will be back in a little bit. Thanks for your patience!

poohtwo - Thu 30 Jul - 17:13

Camera is down. Too HOT ! hope the animal's are ALL handling it OK. I'm sure they will get it back up and running up soon. Hope everyone is doing ok. Hugs xD

Kimmy - Thu 30 Jul - 14:45

Who chewed on the wires.. Camera is showing off line

Kimmy - Thu 30 Jul - 05:38

Beautiful sunrise.. Have a great Day :P

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Our webcam streams live video of the Barnyard Buddies Fainting Goat Herd 24/7 and has infrared night vision for fun-filled goat watching any time of day! The camera is mounted above the dam's goat pen, overlooking the eastern pasture at our hobby farm, located in Loveland, Colorado - The GJF Ranch.

Babies can be seen running, jumping and playing in spring during our main kidding season and again in summer. You will also see our horses out to pasture, our chickens scratching through the pen, a bit of wildlife and us, the caretakers!

We hope you enjoy watching! If you experience any problems please let us know

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