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bonnie - Mon 27 Apr - 20:04

just saw a couple of kid siblings nursing... it is a hoot how they can lift momma off the ground. LOL lol

greys4me - Mon 27 Apr - 18:18

The white mom that was just by the log, earlier when her two babies came to nurse, they had her back legs off the ground. Finally she just hop over top of them.

Kimmy - Mon 27 Apr - 18:11

had to refresh and missed

greys4me - Mon 27 Apr - 18:06

Babies up on gang plank in the back,

greys4me - Mon 27 Apr - 18:04

All kids like to play with their food! :P

Kimmy - Mon 27 Apr - 18:03

yup and playing in it again

greys4me - Mon 27 Apr - 18:02

still around the corner on left.

greys4me - Mon 27 Apr - 18:02

Oooooh, lots of butting at the feeders. Babies ae starting to eat at the feeders a bit more now.

Kimmy - Mon 27 Apr - 18:01

Yes... I wonder where she is now

greys4me - Mon 27 Apr - 17:59

I like it when she is at a certain angle on the camera the patch of fur on her shoulders, looks like a black butterfly landed on her. so sweet.

Kimmy - Mon 27 Apr - 17:57

She cracks me up.. I have seen her do that before

greys4me - Mon 27 Apr - 17:56

It was like she was checking for an "all clear" then she came out, and hurried around the corner.

Kimmy - Mon 27 Apr - 17:54

Silly girl.... gotta love her.. earlier today she was trying to get anything she could from under the feeders

greys4me - Mon 27 Apr - 17:52

she was is a shelter, she kept peeking her face out with her mouthful of hay. She is so cute.

Kimmy - Mon 27 Apr - 17:48

oh Darn what did she do I missed it

greys4me - Mon 27 Apr - 17:43

what funny personality Stitch has. She would be great on a poster. Love her.

greys4me - Mon 27 Apr - 13:43

Abecayemich: Yes, sure is. By our own choice we do not watch tv, prefer to watch the animal webcams. This cam is our favorite. Always activity, we love these little critters.

poohtwo - Mon 27 Apr - 09:58

I could see in the one video you made made of them going to pasture the new condos. Will be fun to see more of the area. Thanks for sharing with us. We love watching them. Hugs lol

abcayemich - Mon 27 Apr - 08:02

greys4me.....I know. Isnt it fun to watch them all?

Janet - Mon 27 Apr - 07:55

Good morning! The rain has stopped and things will start to dry out! We completed another set of condo's to shelter the goats! We are going to try and get a second camera up so you can see more! :)

Kimmy - Sun 26 Apr - 12:42

Nature bath.. they seem to like the rain

greys4me - Sun 26 Apr - 12:26

A reply is not expected for questions I put on here. They are questions in my mind that my fingers type on chat. ;) Janet probably only views chat occasionally just like we do. I love this w

abcayemich - Sun 26 Apr - 08:00

These cams are for our viewing and fun .They answer when they have time. They have a lot to do just like everyone else. I appreciate that they let us view this. Thank you Janet.

abcayemich - Sun 26 Apr - 07:58

How funny!! It's out now.

abcayemich - Sun 26 Apr - 07:57

Is that a baby in the feeder??

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Our webcam streams live video of the Barnyard Buddies Fainting Goat Herd 24/7 and has infrared night vision for fun-filled goat watching any time of day! The camera is mounted above the dam's goat pen, overlooking the eastern pasture at our hobby farm, located in Loveland, Colorado - The GJF Ranch.

Babies can be seen running, jumping and playing in spring during our main kidding season and again in summer. You will also see our horses out to pasture, our chickens scratching through the pen, a bit of wildlife and us, the caretakers!

We hope you enjoy watching! If you experience any problems please let us know

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