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poohtwo - Sun 2 Aug - 08:53

So nice to have the video back and seeing all the goat's,cows,and horse's doing well. Miss them when it's down. Thanks Janet for making sure it's fixed and back up for all of us. xD . Hugs

nate2 - Fri 31 Jul - 11:58

OK we're back! :D

nate2 - Fri 31 Jul - 11:33

Hi! We had an electrician working and had to cut the power. We will be back in a little bit. Thanks for your patience!

poohtwo - Thu 30 Jul - 17:13

Camera is down. Too HOT ! hope the animal's are ALL handling it OK. I'm sure they will get it back up and running up soon. Hope everyone is doing ok. Hugs xD

Kimmy - Thu 30 Jul - 14:45

Who chewed on the wires.. Camera is showing off line

Kimmy - Thu 30 Jul - 05:38

Beautiful sunrise.. Have a great Day :P

poohtwo - Wed 29 Jul - 10:01

No video this morning. Sad sad. Hugs

poohtwo - Wed 29 Jul - 10:00


Miss Patty - Sat 25 Jul - 10:38

Looks like its going to be a hot one out there today :( No fighting for the shady spots!!

poohtwo - Thu 23 Jul - 19:26

Loved ALL the video's. Great job and have enjoyed going through the breeding period to waiting for the births. Then watching the babies playing and then the baby ducks. What fun. Thanks Janet and Gary

Kimmy - Thu 23 Jul - 18:33

Annika is so flipping cute!!

Janet - Thu 23 Jul - 14:14

Hi :D We have added some videos to our blog! Enjoy!

Sadieks - Mon 20 Jul - 21:02

So happy to see you raised the camera so we can see the lights around you. Very pretty.

Janet - Mon 20 Jul - 19:28

Hay has been cut and baled! The livestock will have plenty to eat!

poohtwo - Mon 20 Jul - 08:14

Was great getting to watch them cutting and now bailing the hay. What fun to be able to enjoy it all as you do it.Have a great day everyone. Hugs :S

bonnie - Fri 17 Jul - 10:49

Love the view.... freshly cut hay.... and of course, the goats and horses, too! :P

Kimmy - Wed 15 Jul - 19:37

He like mud puddles too

Lori - Wed 15 Jul - 18:36

Probably right, I saw him playing in the water the other night...splashing in the automatic water trough near the goat pen.

Kimmy - Wed 15 Jul - 18:00

He loves Dirt I have seen some messy pics on Facebook lol

Lori - Wed 15 Jul - 17:45

Guess he must have been itchy or just needed a good roll in the cool hay.

Lori - Wed 15 Jul - 17:38

Does Krugerrand usually lay down and roll, maybe his stomach is hurting?

poohtwo - Mon 13 Jul - 18:14

I notice when the wind blows those " fly bags" hit the poles and the powder flies out. It's wasting a lot of it. Love the new view and LOVE watching all the animals. How are the baby ducks doing. Hug

bonnie - Mon 13 Jul - 18:09

I love the expanded view... and looking forward to the new cam. Hugs! :P

Kimmy - Mon 13 Jul - 17:41

Oh yeah!! looks like it did before :) Thanks

buffalobill - Mon 13 Jul - 16:12

I think the new camera view is great, I really enjoy watching all of your animals and I think you do a tremendous job. :D :D :

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About this webcam...

Our webcam streams live video of the Barnyard Buddies Fainting Goat Herd 24/7 and has infrared night vision for fun-filled goat watching any time of day! The camera is mounted above the dam's goat pen, overlooking the eastern pasture at our hobby farm, located in Loveland, Colorado - The GJF Ranch.

Babies can be seen running, jumping and playing in spring during our main kidding season and again in summer. You will also see our horses out to pasture, our chickens scratching through the pen, a bit of wildlife and us, the caretakers!

We hope you enjoy watching! If you experience any problems please let us know

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